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Brooklyn Heights Getting Brand New Parking Garage

Posted on by Ingram Hebron

Riverside Houses Parking Garage Permit Granted, But May Be Revoked

Landlord Claims New Underground Facility Will Benefit Residents While Keeping Courtyard Intact

Opponents Fear Loss of Public Space, Environmental Hazard, ‘Scheme’ to Orchestrate Their Eviction

The courtyard of the Riverside Houses (Photo by Matthew Taub)

Controversy over proposed construction of a parking garage within the courtyard of the Brooklyn Heights Riverside Houses is heating up again, with a Department of Buildings permit that was recently granted but which officials may nonetheless revoke, sources say. While tenants fear a loss of public space, increased traffic congestion, environmental hazards, and even a plot to orchestrate their ouster, the developer claims earlier, more contested plans have been scrapped and that the parking lot, to be built entirely underground, will be covered by a new garden-courtyard designed by an award-winning landscape architect.

 Courtesy of Brooklyn Eagle.